In 1980, DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. was founded upon the fundamental principle of unlocking potential and impacting lives for the positive.  Over forty years later – we are still anchored to this core mission.  

While most of our work has been done behind the scenes, we have been fortunate to work with some of the largest corporations, governments and agencies in transforming cultures in every country around the globe.

DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. is the premier boutique consulting group in the United States. Companies achieve extraordinary results with DeLaPorte’s customized solutions.  Our organizational experts provide unmatched: experience, insight, knowledge, best practices, wisdom and know how.

Our systemic approach of behaving as partners, rather than vendors allows us to solve real problems and drive potential which sets a standard for transformation within an organization.

Working with you, our efforts produce measurable business results where you need it most.


We are different.  While most people run from burning buildings, we run toward them. 

Our team does hard.  We love challenges and turning difficulty into opportunities to achieve greatness.

The DeLaPorte team is dedicated to making good companies great. The business of our business is helping your organization achieve strategy by improving human performance. Internal and external drivers provide the foundational information that becomes the context for development.

We believe four components need to be in place for real performance improvement to occur. Your employees need effective knowledge and skill development, integrated tools and processes, measurement and feedback to assess performance, and management alignment to produce business results.

As a team we start the performance improvement process by discovering what skills your employees need to deliver on the strategy of your organization. In this context, we are able to identify the competencies that make your high performers stand out, assess your people against those profiles, create custom development plans based on the results, and build solutions to develop those critical skills for a return-on-investment.

DeLaPorte is dedicated to putting the best and brightest to work for you – subject mater expertise with strong core values.  



where are we going
to be the worldwide partner of choice for culture transformation


why do we exist
to unlock potential & impact lives
why do we exist


who are we at our core:

Model Christian Ethics – love others, serve others, model integrity 24/7, give more than you receive, do the right thing.

Create the Future – leverage best practices and know how, drive strategy & innovation, be willing to fail over and over and learn as a result, execute at the highest level.
Exceed Expectations – deliver the platinum rule, be a 75%-er, deliver wow experiences, treat everyone as a king or queen. 
Deliver Excellence – be a difference maker, have a “whatever it takes” mentality, raise the bar in everything you do, master the details. 
Build Trust – deliver on commitments, build others up, be open, honest & transparent in your communications, do what you say you will do, put yourself in others shoes, leave things better than you found them. 

" the true measure of leadership is legacy "
It is not about a person or position - but rather what those you have influence on do after you are gone.
- Terry De La Porte